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A4 Academy. Kurs online fitness, dietetyka ze zniżką

Kurs online to pełnowartościowa edukacja w zasięgu Twojej ręki. A4 Academy wyszło wielu specjalistom fitness & health na rękę, stwarzając ciekawe i merytoryczne kursy tematyczne z zakresu fitness, dietetyka, czy psyche. Motto nowo powstałej platformy to Progres dzięki nauce, z którym w pełni się zgadzam. Wpisz mój kod i otrzymaj zniżkę!

Dieting and feeling cold? What to do?

Weight loss and dieting are not easy. You might think that composing your meals in a healthy way is super easy but to be honest it’s more complicated as it seems. Your body needs all the nutritions and vitamins to function properly. Like a vehicle needs gas to drive, you body needs fuel to have the energy to survive. Feeling constantly cold is definitely not a sign of a healthy diet. So what does it mean when it happens?

Top 16 most luxurious sports accessories ever made

Leather, wood, textiles and canvas. These are the characteristics of best quality and most luxurious sports goods ever made. Luxury brands race each other who can make the most desirable products for all the sports enthusiasts. Fitness is in fashion, there is no doubt about it and the collectors wait for every new drop.