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Dieting and feeling cold? What to do?

Weight loss and dieting are not easy. You might think that composing your meals in a healthy way is super easy but to be honest it’s more complicated as it seems. Your body needs all the nutritions and vitamins to function properly. Like a vehicle needs gas to drive, you body needs fuel to have the energy to survive. Feeling constantly cold is definitely not a sign of a healthy diet. So what does it mean when it happens?

How to stop eating sweets? Sugar cravings

Eating sweets is the most common problem while trying to lose weight and stay in shape. People tend to eat sweets while they are bored watching TV or to satisfy their emotional hunger. It is also very common that we tend to eat sweets and junk food at night. How to make it stop?

Fitness trends to try in 2021

Starting your fitness journey in January, straight after Christmas and New Year, is never easy. We all know how hard is to start again after the holiday break. While you might lack of motivation though, it is always good to try something new. You will never look at workout with fatigue again with these upcoming fitness trends.

Drinking wine helps in weight loss study says

Does drinking wine help to lose weight? Is drinking alcohol before bed ok while dieting? I have some good news for you. The first thing experts say when you are about to start your weight loss journey is to limit eating of processed foods, sweets and quit… drinking alcohol. You are also told to avoid calorie-rich foods and start your gym membership as soon as possible. However, drinking wine can be combined with your goal of being healthy and losing weight. You just need to be smart about it though.

How long should you hold a wall sit or a plank?

A body-weight position exercise is a wonderful way to strengthen all body muscles. By holding a plank or a wall sit, you are working with the whole corp. However some people think that such exercises work only while your muscles start to shake and you feel the serious burn. Is it true though? Does the plank work only when you really feel it?

A4 Academy. Kurs online fitness, dietetyka ze zniżką

Kurs online to pełnowartościowa edukacja w zasięgu Twojej ręki. A4 Academy wyszło wielu specjalistom fitness & health na rękę, stwarzając ciekawe i merytoryczne kursy tematyczne z zakresu fitness, dietetyka, czy psyche. Motto nowo powstałej platformy to Progres dzięki nauce, z którym w pełni się zgadzam. Wpisz mój kod i otrzymaj zniżkę!