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Comparing to another woman

Stop comparing yourself to other woman. 7 reasons why

Never compare yourself to another woman. Period. Women have the tendency to compare themselves to other women. The truth is, every human being is different and you never know the whole story about their life. However, we as girls, have moments when we lose ourselves in thoughts of how other woman can be more beautiful, have more money, a better job, a car, an apartment or even a boyfriend that us. Trust me but this is an illusion, especially in the era of social media. Everybody wants to show their best angle and the best look. There is a few people that actually show their failures.

Comparing to others only drains your energy and makes you more sad and unattractive. The energy you put into thinking about others makes your life miserable and it is just pointless. It is not going to change anything in your life. When you start thinking in that way about somebody, make that time actually to discover your new hobby, read something interesting, start the new Netflix series, do your workout, pamper yourself or just go out and forgot about having thoughts like that.

1. She is more beautiful than I

The most important impression that one human being is having while meeting an another human being is their look. Sadly but it is true. However, it only lasts until the person that we meet actually speaks. Trust me, the girl can be the next Miss Universe but if she doesn’t sound like her brain functions properly, and she talks only about make-up and going shopping, there is no hope she has read some books in her life.

A guy who only looks at how the girl is presentable will stay with her for a few months to impress his friends but then he will only get angry at himself because he will get bored. Sex might be fine but what else? Trust me, I’ve heard stories about girls that never showed their boyfriend their natural face without make-up and they were waking up an hour before them to have the full face on. But is this really what matters in life? To just look beautiful?

Coming back to the point, nobody is never more beautiful than you are. You can have your woman crush (for me it is always going to be Sasha Markina) but you should never cry because you don’t look exactly like her. I wish I had her tiny waist but that is why I also do my workouts. However, I am also so proud of my buttocks and I know how much time I’ve spent building them in the gym. Never compare yourself in a way you will feel bad about yourself.

Stand in front of the mirror and think about what you really like in your body and your face. Do the list in your mind or even on paper of what you love about yourself. Think about what you think you should work on. Do you want to change your hair? Do you need to do your nails? Maybe you want to lose a few kilograms? Think about it as not a punishment but just being honest with yourself.

The most attractive girl, is a girl that actually feels good in her body, knows her strengths but also still knows what she should work on. When you feel beautiful, there is an invisible glow outside and you will attract better things in your life. Trust the process and take care of your body. Eat healthy, sleep good, drink your water, go to the gym and smile a lot. Think also about your voice, your smell and the energy that you show to the world. It is irreplaceable and unique. You are one of a kind. Never compare yourself to another woman.

2. She has more money than me

Who would not want to have more money in their life? There is nobody who wouldn’t say no to that. People love money. Love to spend money, to eat good, to travel and to shop for things they need. Smart people also love to invest more and more money. Take a look at yourself and your spending habits. Calculate how much you earn and how much you spend. Maybe you actually earn more than this other girl but you spend your money on unnecessary things? You will be surpirsed how much money you spend on take away coffee everyday, and just by saving that for a year, could make you buy a Louis Vuitton bag. It is not a joke, just an easy calculation.

Also, do not blame yourself for your current situation. There are always better and worse times. If you actually earn money and you take care of yourself be proud of that! Maybe this another girl has a rich boyfriend that he gives her money (a big no to that) and she actually doesn’t do anything in her professional life and she is just a boring human being, staying on the couch the whole day? Maybe she has rich parents that give her money? Not everybody is so lucky to have that but remember you can always work on yourself and attract better money opportunities.

Never compare yourself to another woman because she has more money that you. Money comes, money goes. Period.

3. She has better job than me

A career is never given but always earned. Nobody never just gave me a job in media because I asked that I want to work somewhere. I worked hard for that. I spend days and nights working for free as an intern, just to show that even with no job experience I can do what I am asked for. These years of hard work never are going to fly away from your resume.

Think about what you are good at and make a plan how you can actually make money from that. It’s 2020 and you do not need to have the university degree to get a job. Of course you cannot be a lawyer or a doctor, but that’s a different story. However, if you like to write, write an eBook, if you like to run social media, become a social media expert, like to sell stuff on eBay, start selling. Find some courses online and educate yourself.

It is not that hard nowadays. Just be consistent in what you do and calculate your profits. Nobody is never tied to something to the point that cannot move forward. Just think positive and visualize yourself actually doing what you like. Never compare yourself to another woman and especially her occupancy to yours.

4. She has a boyfriend and I don’t even have one

Is she happy in that relationship though? Does her boyfriend treat her good at home, not only posting happy pictures on social media? Does her boyfriend actually have time for her? You never know the whole story behind any relationship. She can have a boyfriend but you, as a single person, might be ten times happier than her.

Another thing is that, if you are chasing a relationship and you think you must be in one, it is never going to happen. Finding love is about having a best friend on your side that will go through your life with you during these better times and worse, while you are at your good but also bad. It doesn’t happen overnight to build a relation like that.

Trust the Universe and don’t chase anybody. Go on dates and meet new people but never think about somebody that he is going to be your husband after two meetings. People show their true faces after a few months and that time will actually show you a person’s true color.

Never settle for less you deserve, change for a man, try to impress any man and care about any man that does not care about you. Never try to change a man that doesn’t know what he really wants in life. Stop comparing yourself to their ex girlfriends and them to your ex boyfriends. You want to make a new story, not to hold into the past. Never compare yourself to another woman.

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5. She is more funny than me

Everybody is different and everybody has a difference sense of humor. Maybe you look at her thinking that she is so funny and every guy likes her because of that, but actually you are making people laugh too? Don’t be stiff and just be yourself. There are no people in this world with the exact same sense of humor as you.

6. She is more intellectual than me

Does she sound as she knows the whole world and she can talk about every topic somebody speaks up? To be honest, it can be annoying. I might be smart but I never say everything what I know. It is just about being polite and respect the other person talking. Maybe somebody has a different view on something and I can actually learn the new things. Do not be an encyclopedia, it is not attractive. Make other people a bit curious about you. Let them learn about you but also allow them to teach you something about them too. This is how any human relation works. Never compare yourself to another woman.

7. She is more confident than me

Everything starts in your mind. If you think about yourself as not confident, it will show off to the others. Think about yourself as a person that is attractive and not lacking anything. Not as somebody that shouldn’t go somewhere or meet particular people because you don’t deserve that. You are an awesome girl! Go and conquer the world. And remember, never compare yourself to another woman. We should work as one team, not the enemies. Girls power rock!

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Written by Monika Mozgala

I’m Monika Mozgala, the founder, and editor of The Blonde Taste. My main purpose is to write practical articles that will be useful for people interested in fitness, lifestyle and beauty. I’ve spent couple years in the US where I also finished high school. The last 6 years I’ve spent working as an editor for many editorial offices in Poland, including SHAPE Poland Deputy-in-Chief position and head of it’s digital version. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up here or on my Instagram.

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