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Joanna Jędrzejczyk PUMA

Joanna Jedrzejczyk. PUMA’s new addition

Joanna Jedrzejczyk has recently become a PUMA ambassador. The UFC fighter announced this by appearing in PUMA video staged as an exit to the ring. In the clip you can see other brand ambassadors, Karolina Gilon, tennis player Urszula Radwanska, journalist Odeta Moro, rally driver Kuba Przygonski, speedway rider Maciej Janowski and sports journalist Mateusz Borek, who also were on the set. The celebrities promote the entry of the new ambassador of the PUMA team with the spot “You are a cat”, listing her individual achievements. The name of the video refers to the brave character of Jedrzejczyk. The photos were taken by Paweł Fabjanski, and Mateusz Dziekonski is responsible for the video materials during the project.

Fot. Instagram @joannajedrzejczyk


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Jedrzejczyk, despite the pandemic, does not slow down and is active in media, implementing many projects at once. The further steps of Jedrzejczyk as the new PUMA’s ambassador are certainly interesting. In addition, you can admire her for her busy life on the run between Warsaw, Olsztyn and Florida, which can be seen on her Instagram every day. Getting up at 5 or 6am in the morning is nothing unusual for her. She also always has time to do her workouts and just does not slow down.

About Jedrzejczyk’s new book that came out in 2021

Recently, her second book Czarno na Bialym was released. It includes beautiful black and white photos taken by well known photographer, Szymon Brodziak. Jedrzejczyk’s first book, Wojowniczka, was published in 2017.

– When I lost the championship belt, I said that one of the reasons of that was my weight loss. Before the fight, I lost 7 kilos in 14 hours, and after that I had to go to the octagon and fight at the highest world level. Then I heard from haters that this is my excuse. Excuse? Lose two kilos in a day, two, in a week, and then let’s talk. It is easiest to criticize without knowing the truth. – said Joanna Jedrzejczyk recently in the interview with Alicja Szewczyk for the Gala Poland magazine.

There is something about that. It’s worth going for yours goals without looking at others. This is probably what basically distinguishes Jedrzejczyk as a woman in sport. I keep my fingers crossed for further cooperation with PUMA. The video “You are a cat” can be seen HERE.



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Written by Monika Mozgala

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