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What’s the best way to track calorie burn?

First, never trust treadmill, elliptical or any other cardio machine that shows you how many calories you have just burnt. Unfortunately, it does not know your actual weight, height and other important data, like your body composition. There are some companies like Technogym or Lifetime Fitness that allow you to track your personal info at their machines after logging into to the app but trust me, it can also be inaccurate. The system needs a lot information about you. When for example we compare two people with the same body weight but different body composition like fat and muscle percentage, the person with more muscles for sure will burn more calories. So how to track calorie burn?

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Heart rate and calorie burn tracker

The best way to check it, it’s the personal smartwatch or tracker that also shows your accurate heart rate. This measurement will really help to make this calorie burn info more accurate. Additionally, if you add your age, gender and steps count it will show almost 100% accuracy. Step count also shows the important info about your lifestyle as whole. If you make more steps than usual, it means you have a more active lifestyle than average so also your metabolism works faster and you can burn more calories. Also your heart rate gives the information how hard you actually workout. So it is not so easy to cheat…

Which tracker does track calories the best?

The best heart rate trackers are the chest-strap trackers which are almost up to 95% accurate. The wristband style ones are only 60-70% accurate. Why there are less accurate? The answer is simple. We move our wrists more while chest is moving with the whole body. It is really easy to overcalculate your calories and then to miscalculate your caloric intake. Then it is a really easy way to answer yourself why, even when you burn a lot calories during the day, you still do not lose weight. Be careful with that. The best way is to just add these burn calories as something extra.

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