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How to stay fit?

How to stay fit?

Make yourself a favor and really read this. These past months were not easy for anybody. The hustle now is crazy but let’s not forget about the most important – your health and well-being. If you are a goal getter, like me, you can totally find some extra time and just do it! Take care of yourself and work on it as another chore to do. You have only one body, so treat it like a temple.

8 things that will help you stay fit and healthy

6-8 hrs of sleep

1. 6-8 hours of sleep is a must for everybody. When you don’t get a good amount of sleep, you start to feel (and look – dark circles under your eyes – ouch) awful. Your body needs to recharge its battery. Make your sleeping routine healthy and a priority.


2. Find 10-15 minutes everyday to calm down. Focus on your breathing and say thank you to all the things that happen in your life. It really does help to find a balance and relief your daily stress. Visualize also positive things as much as you can.

Healthy diet + Intermittent Fasting

3. Good food is your fuel. You cannot run properly eating only processed foods and empty calories like sweets and fast food. Besides that, I really recommend to try Intermittent Fasting. Practice that for 5 years now myself, with some small breaks now and then, but it has changed my life.

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4. Move your body. No matter what sport you like, just make yourself sweat every possible day. You need that high level of endorphins and fresh oxygen running in your body.

10k steps a day

5. Walk everywhere as much as you can. Make this 10k steps daily a real challenge. Good mood included after!

Beauty routine

6. Find everyday some time for your skin and hair routine. Pamper your body like you deserve. Even for 5 minutes.

Drinking water

7. Water is your fuel. Drink daily the minimum of 2 liters. Make your tiredness and cravings for sweets go away. You will feel so much better hydrated.

Staying positive

8. Think positive and you will attract good energy into your life. Staying positive tells the universe that you are ready to receive these good things, making your dreams really happen.

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Written by Monika Mozgala

I’m Monika Mozgala, the founder, and editor of The Blonde Taste. My main purpose is to write practical articles that will be useful for people interested in fitness, lifestyle and beauty. I’ve spent couple years in the US where I also finished high school. The last 6 years I’ve spent working as an editor for many editorial offices in Poland, including SHAPE Poland Deputy-in-Chief position and head of it’s digital version. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up here or on my Instagram.

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