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BALA fitness equipment

BALA fitness accessories. Luxury bangles and bars

BALA fitness accessories are recent phenomenon in the category of fitness home equipment. BALA bangles and bars seem like a dream came true for those who love to do their workouts in style. Beautiful design combined with easy use definitely will work for even the most demanding fitness people. Bangles are very comfortable and vastly versatile.

BALA. Brand history

BALA was founded in 2018 by Natalie and her husband, Max. All the products are designed by them and have the US patent. The very first one product were the famous BALA bangles. For the first two years they were selling their accessories from their garage, taking care of shipping and handling also. The brand grew so much since that time. Lately they’ve been seen in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Popsugar Fitness, Health, SHAPE and even on Shark Tank TV Show.

BALA. Simple and beautiful

We believe beautiful, functional fitness accessories will change the way people move. – says BALA motto and I totally agree with that statement. When you surround yourself with beautiful objects, like this BALA bangles, bands or bars, you will feel more motivated to move your body. Your workout will never be the same again and you will lookout things differently.

Fot. Instagram @bala

BALA bangles can be worn both on your ankles and wrists. They look like the latest and hottest fashion accessory.

Fot. Instagram @bala

BALA gym design

These gyms designed by BALA describe the simplicity and the quality of their products. In this case less means definitely more. BALA’s Instagram page is also led in the same tone.

Fot. Instagram @bala

BALA. Bangles, The Power Ring, Bars cost

BALA fitness accessories although they are high-end, they are very affordable. The simple resistance set of bands costs $20, The Power Ring costs $85, the famous pair of bangles itself cost $40 (you can choose between 1/2 lb, 1 lb and 2 lb) and BALA bars cost $55. You can choose from many different colors. All the products are shipped worldwide.

On their website you can also find many workout videos to do your routine at home using BALA equipment. It is a perfect solution during the pandemic and it is totally free of charge.

Fot. Instagram @bala

Fot. Instagram @bala

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Written by Monika Mozgala

I’m Monika Mozgala, the founder, and editor of The Blonde Taste. My main purpose is to write practical articles that will be useful for people interested in fitness, lifestyle and beauty. I’ve spent couple years in the US where I also finished high school. The last 6 years I’ve spent working as an editor for many editorial offices in Poland, including SHAPE Poland Deputy-in-Chief position and head of it’s digital version. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up here or on my Instagram.

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