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Tulum Jungle Gym

Tulum Jungle Gym. Where is it?

Tulum Jungle Gym is a gym located in a small but very unique city of Tulum in Mexico, on the Caribbean coast. The entrance to the gym is situated via Ahau hotel on Boca Paila Road. There is a reason why the gym is called the real life Flintstone gym. Place is very unusual because is located in a hut on the beach with a beautiful view at the ocean. All the gym equipment is made of bamboo, wood, stone and other natural materials. All the craftsmanship was made and designed by the locals.

Tulum Junge Gym. Uniqueness

Some of the equipment also uses human weight as a load which can be accessed through specially designed baskets. Working out with a partner takes on a really new meaning then. It does look so unrealistic and cool! Definitely worth a pic or a GoPro shot.

Fot. Instagram @tulumjunglegym

When did Jungle Gym in Tulum open?

Jungle Gym in Tulum is one of its kind. It’s been opened since February 2017 and been also closed for the longer time, during the prevailing first wave of the pandemic in 2020. It reopened under special sanitary regime. The place became really popular on social media though.

People from all over the world want to visit it and take a picture of their workout at this magical place. Guests dream about experiencing this unique atmosphere of exercising in the middle of the jungle, overlooking the ocean. Tulum gym made its dreams come true and became successful, welcoming many well-known fitness influencers, celebrities and professional bodybuilders so far.

Dieting and feeling cold? What to do?

Fot. Instagram @tulumjunglegym

Fot. Instagram @tulumjunglegym

How much does Tulum Jungle Gym cost?

The gym is closed early in the morning for private sessions only but it remains opened from 9am to 5pm all week long (Monday-Sunday). Cost of a single workout is $25. Weekly pass is $100 so it is more profitable. You can also rent a towel which costs additional $2 but all money goes into Help Tulum Dogs foundation.

Fot. Instagram @tulumjunglegym

Fot. Instagram @tulumjunglegym

I’ve been to Tulum in 2019 and all I can say that this place is really magical. There are many reasons why they call it Tulum Pueblo Magico. An atmosphere of exhilaration, chill and overwhelming kindness were something you cannot find at any other place in the world. It is a must to visit one day!

Fot. Instagram @tulumjunglegym

Tulum Jungle Gym been also a Travelers’ Choice 2020 on TripAdvisor so it is definitely worth a look while visiting Tulum.

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