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Self-esteem meaning

Finding your true self again is not an easy job to do. Especially now, after the post pandemia time and the circumstances which you had no influence on. Social distancing, isolation, worries about the future and the lack of basic things that we live for is never a good mix. Women though are the strongest creatures and the most dangerous ones. They are like phoenixes that can rise up again high after any bad experiences that had occurred. They can lose everything one day and still be capable of everything the next one. Women are made to create other human beings, they are holy, they are the spirits itself.

Finding your self-worth

The self-worth, past events that build the person you are now and your beliefs are the most important things in life and nobody cannot take them from you. People think they know you but the truth is, nobody knows you better than you. Your energy and your vibration might sometimes go off the road but you are always capable of coming back stronger than before. If something disappointed you, tried to destroy you or make you feel like you are toxic, remember you are not responsible for that and you should never blame yourself about it. Decisions that reflected the actions were never one-sided. You never know what really that other person had on her/his mind.

You are strong and capable of everything what you dream of. You are beautiful and don’t need to show that to anybody but simply you, waking up happy and with gratitude every day. You don’t need to compete with anyone. Protect that vibration and don’t destroy that again.

The basic things that might help you to find yourself again

  • Meditating every day for 10-15 minutes.
  • Intermittent Fasting and prolonged 24-72hr fasts.
  • Listening to manifesting hypnosis podcasts.
  • Watering your body a lot.
  • Being thankful for everything you have around and saying it at loud.
  • Helping others, even by doing little gestures.
  • Moving your body, exercising and doing minimum 10,000 steps a day.
  • Making a plan for the future and sticking with that, working hard every day to achieve your daily goals.
  • Always believing in yourself.

And remember, always be your own muse.

Fot. Patrycja Pioch-Makurat

Fot. Patrycja Pioch-Makurat

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Written by Monika Mozgala

I’m Monika Mozgala, the founder, and editor of The Blonde Taste. My main purpose is to write practical articles that will be useful for people interested in fitness, lifestyle and beauty. I’ve spent couple years in the US where I also finished high school. The last 6 years I’ve spent working as an editor for many editorial offices in Poland, including SHAPE Poland Deputy-in-Chief position and head of it’s digital version. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up here or on my Instagram.

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