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Chanel Beauty

Chanel Beauty. Un ete de Chanel

Chanel Beauty came to Warsaw with their beautiful and unique summer showcase. Chanel pop-up store released their new daily routine products, make up and fragrances. Un ete de Chanel beautiful seaside setting near Elektrownia Powiśle really stole my heart. The atmosphere of tropical, stylish and sunny French Riviera, the real ship wheel, flags, all Chanel branded, the excellent service and delicious, chilled lemonade, totally made my evening special.

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Chanel Beauty. New products

Sandra, Chanel consultant, has showed me the latest beauty care products, new Chanel bronzers, powders and face contouring cosmetics. Also she has showed me the whole range of new summer Chanel fragrances Les Eaux de Chanel inspired by Chanel’s summer vacations of 1910s and 1920s. My favorite one is Paris – Deauville spray which reminds me of the fragrance note of my favorite Chanel No 5. The fragrance was inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s first fashion boutique opening in 1913. It’s aromatic and elegant with the freshness and a bit of spiciness of ginger and orange. It really gives the feeling and the energy of the never-ending summer. It is a must-have item for vacation.

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What also caught my attention was for sure Les Beiges make up line with the newest contouring powders, bronzing cremes and highlighters. Of course I took notice also of Les Beiges Eau de Teint, a very light foundation that is made in 75% of water. It really makes your face look fresh and healthy glowing. It is a perfect product for summer make up application. The highlighters from this line, shimmering and luminous, give the look of sun-kissed skin. It is also a very natural look. I tried it on my face and I really liked the final result.

Chanel Beauty. Hydra Beauty

Hydra Beauty by Chanel is the new daily care line of repair face mask, serum and mist. These products do a real magic, beautifying and moisturizing your skin just in seconds. Delicate texture of mask is very pleasant to the touch and it feels like silk. Sandra recommended that to use it both ways, a few minutes before the night out before applying make up or leaving it for the whole night. It’s definitely worth testing.

What also has caught my eyes were these Instagram beauties, seen at almost every blogger Instagram page. The coolest hand creme – La Creme Main and Le Lift – with the packaging designed by NASA technology. You can squeeze it but cannot crush it and change its form.

Chanel Beauty Un ete de Chanel in Warsaw.

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