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3-ingredient cookies
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3-ingredient chocolate homemade cookies. Easy recipe

Chocolate cookies can also be a very healthy snack opportunity if you crave something sweet. Homemade baked goodies are perfect and healthy alternative to the processed sweets people buy in the store. All you need to do is to avoid adding too much sugar in it or you can totally resign from it. Bananas are totally sweet themselves. Moreover, the recipe is so easy that everyone can make them! You need only these three ingredients and I am pretty sure you have them in your kitchen right now.

Nana protein ice cream [FOODS]

Remember also that the key to make your diet well-balanced, is the quantity of how many cookies you eat. Sure, if it is fine with your daily calories intake, eat them all.

1 cup of oats – 310 kcal

1 banana – 115 kcal

1 tablespoon of dark chocolate – 55 kcal

Ingredients for 12 cookies 3-ingredient chocolate cookies

2 cups of gluten free, crushed oats

2 ripe bananas 

2 tablespoons of crushed favorite dark chocolate 

Preparation process

Mix together ripe bananas and oats in one bowl until they will form a nice cookie base. Add chocolate chunks and stir it all together. Make 12 round cookies. Put them on a baking mold covered with cooking spray. Bake in 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Enjoy your homemade sweet and tasty goodies!

Overnight oats. For busy morning people [FOODS]

Written by Monika Mozgala

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