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Drinking wine helps in weight loss study says

Does drinking wine help to lose weight? Is drinking alcohol before bed ok while dieting? I have some good news for you. The first thing experts say when you are about to start your weight loss journey is to limit eating of processed foods, sweets and quit… drinking alcohol. You are also told to avoid calorie-rich foods and start your gym membership as soon as possible. However, drinking wine can be combined with your goal of being healthy and losing weight. You just need to be smart about it though.

How long should you hold a wall sit or a plank?

A body-weight position exercise is a wonderful way to strengthen all body muscles. By holding a plank or a wall sit, you are working with the whole corp. However some people think that such exercises work only while your muscles start to shake and you feel the serious burn. Is it true though? Does the plank work only when you really feel it?

Tulum Jungle Gym. Fitness at the paradise beach

Tulum Jungle Gym is a gym located in a small but very unique city of Tulum in Mexico, on the Caribbean coast. There is a reason why the gym is called the real life Flintstone gym. Place is very unusual because is located in a hut on the beach with a beautiful view at the ocean. All the gym equipment is made of bamboo, wood, stone and other natural materials.

A4 Academy. Kurs online fitness, dietetyka ze zniżką

Kurs online to pełnowartościowa edukacja w zasięgu Twojej ręki. A4 Academy wyszło wielu specjalistom fitness & health na rękę, stwarzając ciekawe i merytoryczne kursy tematyczne z zakresu fitness, dietetyka, czy psyche. Motto nowo powstałej platformy to Progres dzięki nauce, z którym w pełni się zgadzam. Wpisz mój kod i otrzymaj zniżkę!

Agent Provocateur Sport? Russia goes sporty

Agent Provocateur Sport? Well, It looks like it is happening! Agent Provocateur in Russia organized a special sport event in Moscow. They invited local celebrities and fitness influencers to participate in a big stretching session. The event was hosted by a multi medalist gymnast, Samira Mustafaeva, on one of the rooftops in the city.

How a fitness editor works?

How I became an editor? A lot of people in my life have asked me that question previously. Well, to be honest it is not easy to make it to the top and work for the best and most prestigous magazines. It is a really long and complicated way.