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Time Out Market New York. #NewYorkEats with a view

Time Out Market New York is an amazing place. Located in Dumbo, Brooklyn New York City between the two famous bridges, the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Brigde. The brick industrial building resembles the remains of a former factory. Two floors with long tables, an open dining room and bars in the middle.

What is going on with men nowadays?

Nowadays, love literally has its price. Every relationship can be converted into money. However, it always seemed to me that only women like a comfortable life and they care about a large sum of money in the bank. Unfortunately, thanks to observing the closest environment, I have to admit that the opposite situation is more and more often seen.

Glossier. Where beauty meets magic

Glossier is a cosmetic brand that has won the hearts of millions of women from around the world since 2010. Loved by celebrities and eagerly promoted in the media. Glossier’s founder, Emily Weiss, who used to work in Teen Vogue, W or Vogue, nowadays is a business icon in the world of cosmetics.

One night in Turkey

Turkey was a short pit stop during my transfer from North America to Europe. However, these several hours were enough to experience some interesting moments of my life there. This is where Europe meets Asia, combining a mix of cultures and traditions, creating a very specific atmosphere.

Say YES to emerald

YES has been creating its own jewelry identity and style for over 35 years. Finding beauty in naturalness, YES emphasizes its pure form, noble detail and shape. Creates new directions continuing the best traditions of jewelry. Works with the best artists, designers and stylists, constantly taking the risk of aesthetic experiments.

A visual feast at Orange Lawn Tennis Club, New Jersey

Orange Lawn Tennis Club is an astonishing place with over a hundred years of tradition. Located in South Orange, New Jersey, tennis club is a real oasis not only for sports lovers but also admirers of delicious food. In 2019 a famous American restaurateur and innovator in the art of American cooking, David Burke, took over the club restaurant and it is really worth to visit.

New York City, USA

Nowy Jork to miasto kontrastu. Można znaleźć w nim tak naprawdę wszystko. Każda dzielnica Wielkiego Jabłka jest inna, jak i każda jego ulica. Można chodzić po nim godzinami odkrywając co raz to nowe zakamarki. Nigdy nie spojrzy się jednak w dane miejsce w ten sam sposób.