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Acne outbreaks. How to manage?

Acne outbreaks can happen even in your late 20s. I am a good example of this, although I always took care of my complexion. Constant stress, irregular sleep cycle, a lot of coffee and raging hormones, unfortunately, can show up on your face. I have tried many things to help me with my pimples and finally I found products that really work for me.

Beauty Concept Warszawa by Sofia Sawczuk

Beauty Concept by Sofia Sawczuk is a beauty salon located in the heart of Warsaw. This place is different than others. It offers nails styling like manicure and pedicure, brows and lashes, all using top-quality products from leading brands but also an unforgettable atmosphere.

Dieting and feeling cold? What to do?

Weight loss and dieting are not easy. You might think that composing your meals in a healthy way is super easy but to be honest it’s more complicated as it seems. Your body needs all the nutritions and vitamins to function properly. Like a vehicle needs gas to drive, you body needs fuel to have the energy to survive. Feeling constantly cold is definitely not a sign of a healthy diet. So what does it mean when it happens?

How to stop eating sweets? Sugar cravings

Eating sweets is the most common problem while trying to lose weight and stay in shape. People tend to eat sweets while they are bored watching TV or to satisfy their emotional hunger. It is also very common that we tend to eat sweets and junk food at night. How to make it stop?